Living in Switzerland was born out of the need to help foreign citizens coming for the first time to our beautiful country and needing a 360 degrees help. 

The idea is developed by Swiss Realty Partners Sagl, a Ticino-based company in the real estate industry for years, with multiple brands and multi services able to meet every customer’s need. 

What will we do for you?

01.Permit application

 Whether you come here as a worker, for family reunification, or as a globalist, we will help you with your permit application. 

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 What will we do for your permit application? 

We will help you in the following ways: 

1. We will gather all the necessary documents to proceed. 

2. We will communicate with the foreign office for any needs. 

3. We will update you on the status of the application. 


In Switzerland you will need some compulsory insurances, such as the Health Insurance, which will allow you to get your medical care. 

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What will we do for you? 

1. We will explain to you which insurances are compulsory (such as liability, which is compulsory when renting property). 

2. We’ll clarify the purpose of optional insurances so you know whether you need them or not. 

3. We will suggest the most suitable company for you, according to your personal needs. 

4. We will do everything so that you don’t have to go crazy searching through the hundreds of proposals on the market. a company

Would you like to open your new company or to move the enterprise you manage in your country?

As you probably know, Switzerland has a very good tax system and bureaucratic system. 

In addition, our team has a lot of international business relations that will allow you to take a look around the foreign markets.

With our real estate brands “TiAffitto” and “ViverTI“, we will help you to look for a house either for rent or for sale, according to your needs and requirements. 

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What will we do for you? 

1. We will explain in detail how buying or renting a property in Switzerland works. 

2. We will search our 400+ properties to find the right property for you. 

3. If we can’t find the right property for you, we will issue a property search warrant to find your dream home. 


We organize your international move and help you with all the customs clearance of your belongings that you wish to take with you to your new life in Switzerland. 


If you have children in school, we will look for the best schools to place your children in and introduce you to the directors of the various schools. 


We will list all the facilities available in your area, where to play sports, attend shows, movies, workshops and any other kind of activity. 


We will indicate you according to your area, the best hairdressers, the best beauticians, surgeons, SPA centers, massages and wellness available. 


We will help you find any doctor you need, from your family doctor to your children’s pediatrician to professionals in any classical, anthroposophical or alternative field. 

With Living in Switzerland, moving to Switzerland becomes an enjoyable journey to a new life in a beautiful country! 


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